The age of your home is probably not something you think about a lot, but it matters. Homes six years or younger make up just 2% of the current owner-occupied housing stock. How does your state stack up with others in that median age of homes?

One consequence of the reduced level of single-family construction since the Great Recession has been an aging of the country’s housing stock. According to NAHB analysis of the most recent edition of the American […]


Technology is getting ingrained in every aspect of homes and living today, but how do you know which products are best? Or which products are even worth your time and money? Here are ways to make their life at home personalized, entertaining, comfortable, luxurious, and safe.

Home tech professionals are well versed in creating solutions that cater to homeowners’ needs and enhance their lifestyles. They work hand-in-hand with builders to ensure that a home is wired and ready for […]


Are you looking to add hints of sparkle to your life? Maybe you just need something to glitz up your bathroom. Glitter grout is a way to get these looks, but can go south if your planning isn’t just right. Take a look at this article to see how to use this accent without going overboard.

Glittering grout is making a comeback after first appearing on the market several years ago. The first attempts came out as expected – […]

Agenda Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is an energizing assignment. In any case, before hopping to picking the most recent tile or bath configuration, there are some less energizing things to consider so your venture turns out only the way you dream it. Since remodeling a bathroom can be overpowering, tedious and exorbitant, we arranged a straightforward 15-point agenda to ensure that your venture remains on track and the renovation runs easily.

1. Financial plan

On the off chance that you […]

Build Your Dream Home

Have you always dreamed of a home that you can feel proud of? One where you can walk through the front door and immediately feel at ease because your space truly reflects your family’s personal tastes. With the new year upon us, now is a time of new beginnings. Why not start work on building your dream home? Here at Walton Home Solutions, we can help you build your dream home.

Having a space that feels like home is something […]

Home for the Holidays

When everyone visits your house for the holidays, things can get a little awkward. Even if you have the most wonderful guests in the world, the cramped space can be uncomfortable. It’s natural to feel like you want your guests to enjoy your home as if it were a five star hotel, but the fact is that it’s where you live – meaning it’s probably just an everyday home for an everyday family. Still, you at least want your […]

5 Design Ideas From This Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

Think your bathroom is a lost cause when it come to renovating. Think again! It could be simpler than you think.

on a mission to make her bathroom fit in with the rest of her farmhouse’s airy, rustic, and quaint aesthetic. And it was quite the undertaking considering this was what it looked like before she got to work.

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More people are going with sleekly designed kitchens. Maybe you are also considering this option for your next remodel. Take a look at these designs to see if this is the style you’ve been looking for.

As the demand for more modern, minimalist-style homes rises, architects and builders are coming up with innovative ways to make the most of small spaces, and hide appliances and storage units.

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Home Renovations for the Holidays

In this fast paced world people never have time to cook at home anymore. That’s why a home cooked meal over the holidays is special. Almost every family has their own set of traditional recipes for the festive season. But while these culinary traditions seem quaint, the reality doesn’t always live up to your expectations.

Holiday Cooking Catastrophe

Cooking for a large group of people in a cramped kitchen isn’t very fun. There’s nothing special about frantically trying to prepare food […]